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Providing women with coaching, access, resources and community to gain confidence, becoming unapologetic as they to step into all positions where women are underrepresented in order to insure our safety, security and survival.  


llustration from the book “That`s what she said” (Wise words from influential women) by Kimothy Joy.

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Inner Leadership Coaching

You can be everything you are thinking, dreaming, talking about and more. You are the next Congressperson, CEO, Superintendent, Healthcare CEO, and law enforcement official. Women score high on self-awareness, but it is self-confidence that is holding us back. Inner leadership coaching is the perfect tool to allow you to strategize, create and execute the plan to move into the position you have always wanted, the positions that desperately need representation, that position that requires your presence.

Representation Matters - Living Like a Mediocre White Man

The only way to change this is to take our seat at every table we have been excluded from. We cannot wait to be invited, asked or promoted. Representation Matters is the seminar for women who are thinking of running for office, gaining promotion, and changing the world. This seminar analyzes the self-awareness and self-confidence axis, and the gender gap.

Women, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence: Know Your Value

Do you know the difference between self-esteem and self-worth? How many of us struggle with either one or both of these? Have you been stuck in the exact same place, because you believe you cannot leave? If you are living with the idea that you are broken rather than this is broken, come and put your butt in the seat of this seminar. Here there will be a frank discussion of self-confidence v. self-esteem.

Building Connection - Finding Your Tribe

As little girls, we were surrounded by connection. Then we crash into the teenage years, and our girl connections are suddenly much more complicated. We find ourselves in smaller groups, protecting each other from the messes being hurled about. Connections to like-minded soul sisters are like a backbone, fuel for the soul, yet so many of us do not have this lifeline, nor do we know how to rebuild those connections. This is the seminar for you!

Reclaiming Your Power

Reclaiming Your Power is a powerful seminar experience that shows the subtle and not so subtle ways power is given and taken away, and provide concrete exercises to use in real time, in the real world to take your power back.

Boundaries - Protecting Your Personal Dignity

If you had a $1 for every time you said “Today is the day I am going to put my foot down?”  Right?  We would all be sunning in the Caribbean. This seminar gives participants a unique look at what boundaries are, why we don’t execute them, and the consequences for not having them.

Own Your Story!

For so long, our stories have been silenced, stolen and scorned. We stand outside our stories & ourselves awaiting sanction. It’s in the finding of our voices & speaking our truths that we will find true connection and ultimate liberation.


Kathleen Fee, PCC, MCLC, BSW

I am Kathleen Fee, PCC, MCLC, BSW.  I am a Women’s Inpowerment Specialist.  I am an ICF* Certified PCC Coach and Master Certified Inner Leadership Coach.  I have a BSW and a BA in Psychology.  I have been a certified life and leadership coach since 2009.   In 2015, I completed my Master Certified Leadership Certification, creating a trademarked 10-step inpowerment process & coaching model focused on the inside job of guiding clients to Finding their Voice and Speaking Truth to Power.  

*The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners requiring coach practitioners to meet education and experience requirements, while meeting core competencies and ethics standards.

The #wholesoultruth is a blog about speaking soul truth to power. Evoking a range of emotions, it requests a call to action and a commitment to honor women.
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